Regardless of how long a musician has been playing their instrument, it is important that they continue to work with a teacher in order to not only maintain what they can do but to continue to improve their playing. Beginners and young pros alike all work with someone more experienced than them who have a sound that they want to imitate. The more experienced pros self-teach by listening to recordings of pros from the past that they want to emulate and then record themselves as they continue to work toward developing their “perfect” sound.

Mr. Pratt has worked with beginner students all the way to helping Bachelor’s candidates prepare for their senior recitals. With tuba being his main instrument, most of his students tend to study tuba and euphonium. He has, however, also had many students that have studied horn and trombone that have performed great recitals and won chairs in various level groups.

Each lesson is specially designed for each student based on their musical needs and goals. Therefore, a lesson is required before any specific advice can be given to a student to help them improve. With that being said, there are many basic words of advice that can be given to students on a very general basis to help improve their playing. These won’t be beneficial for everyone, depending on their playing level, but can be found on his blog.

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